Origin and Spread of Vernacular Language

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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HUMA215 – Historical Foundations
Barbara D. Barnes
AIU Online
May 11, 2013
In this paper we are to report on the origins of vernacular language, or the language that is commonly spoken in a particular region or area, and its spread. Then we will assess and evaluate the impacts the spread of vernacular language had on cultures during this time.

I will be discussing the origins, and spread, of the vernacular language. I will also assess and evaluate the impacts the spread of the vernacular language had on the cultures during this period of time. Origins and spread of vernacular language

During Roman rule, Latin was the common language spoken; especially in religion (church) and the court. However, over time, the language started to change. Latin was still customary to some social classes, but the vernacular was being used more and more. Vernacular language was beginning to be favored more as it was used to help with religion too. Vernacular languages, or the common language of that region or area, started being used more in the 12th century by writers. It became an important part of poetry and was used by the Troubadours and Trobairitz of that time so that it was available to a larger group of people that wanted the access to the romantic literature. Noble women played a big part in the vernacular being used more because they preferred their plays and poems written in it. By the 13th century, vernacular language was being used in important government and legal documents in England and in France and by the 14th century it had spread throughout most of Europe. By the 15th century, vernacular language had become established in literature and historical record. Vernacular language was able to spread as there were still many people who did not speak Latin. And since Vernacular language made it easier to convert people to Christianity, it was used over Latin. Impacts the spread of...
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