Orientation and Employee Training

Topics: Human resources, Employment, Training Pages: 4 (933 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Anita Bennefield
Human Resoucre Management
Ch. 8
Orientation and Employee Training

Chapter Learning Objectives: define orientation, describe and orientation kit, define training and, describe needs assessment, outline three categories of training objectives, job rotation, apprenticeship training, define virtual classroom, outline the sefven principle of learning and list the four area of training evaluation.

Chapter Outline: Orientation, Training Employee, Methods of Training, Evaluating Training, Principle of Learning.

New employees must be oriented to their job and the orgainzation. All employee periodically need to update their current skills or learn new skills. Orienting new employees and training all employees and training all employees are major responsisilitites of the human resource function. To be effective, figure 8.1 Relations among Human Resoure Functions Necessary for Efficetive Performance. Job analysis, job description, job specification, Human resource planning, Recruit mane, selection new employees, Current employees, Orientation, and Training.

Orientation: the introduction of new employees to the orgainization, work unit, and job. Shaper Responsibility: human resource department and the new employees’ immediate manager normally share responsibility for orientation, initiating and coordination both levees of orientation, training line managers ruin procedure for conducting the departmental and job orientation, conducting the general company orientation, with the new employees. “Buddy system” in which one of the new employee’s coworkers conducts the job orientation. Buddy system is to work successfully, the employees chosen for the role must be carefully selected and properly trained for such orientation responsibilities. Organizational Orientation: general orientation that presents topics of relevance and interest to all employees. Department and job orientation: specific orientation that describes topics...
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