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Topics: Electric charge, Magnetic field, Electricity Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Lab 2: Equipotential Lines and Lines Of Force
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to find the electric current when passing through conductors of different shapes and sizes. Also to gain a general knowledge of the laws governing the flow of current through extended conductors is another objective for this experiment. In this lab we are to experiment with the lines of force and equipotentials. We are also to find out vector field and the relationship between the lines of force and the electric field in this lab.

Apparatus: Slightly-conducting paper, conducting-ink pen, digital multimeter, banana cables, alligator clips, power supply (from buss network), cork board, probe, pushpins.

I. Field Inside Capacitors:
Find the equipotential lines in the region between the electrodes in 1.Parallel-plate capacitors- please see the attached paper.
2. Cylindrical capacitors- please see the attached paper.
Question and answer:
1. My conclusion about the electric field in a paralled plate capacitors : they are uniform throughout the capacitors. 2. My conclusion about the electric field in a cylinder capacitor is: they are not uniform, the potential increase as the equipotential line go toward the outer end of the circle. 3. In this case the Paralled ‘s electric field is uniform, and the electric field is more stronger in the negative electrode. II. Fields around and inside a conductor:

Diagram :

No Formulas

Observations and Analysis:
At picture of Paralled-plate capacitor:
I drew an electric field line around and inside a conductor. The equipotential inside the central conductor is constant. I find out that the potential closer to the edges, outside the central conductor, and stay parallel.

At picture of Cylindrical Capacitors:
I find out that equipotential lines beame circles with lower potentials towards the center and going out the circle. , the electrice field force toward from left to right base on my picture result

A picture of...
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