Orgen Trail

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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in literature, history, and present day life. Regardless of the frequency of these subjects instructors are often hesitant to embark upon discussing them during instruction. Despite apprehensions to discuss these controversial topics they shape events and society, and should be incorporated in a student’s education. In fact by not examining these topics students are being done a grave disservice. Exploring these troublesome topics and even questioning why they may not be spoken about or how they influence society cause students to gain vital knowledge and become less ignorant. The Oregon Trails may be considered by some to be a tool to aide students in becoming more knowledgeable on diverse topics. It has been called a “multiethnic” interactive computer game that allows students to travel along the trail and gain insight on the life of a person traveling to the Oregon Territory (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). This game has been put on a pedestal by critics and has been awarded five stars by the Pride’s Guide to Educational Software for being “a wholesome, absorbing historical simulation” (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). The outstanding critiques of this software creates an appealing route for many teachers to take in order to incorporate an engaging activity that abides by state and school curriculum standards. However what the critics do not inform teachers is this educational game is in reality spoon feeding students a dishonest account of history. The game takes on the white males view and neglects to account for gender and cultural biases that occur during this time period (Bigelow, 2009, p.319). By not pointing out the societal issues that occurred during this time period, students are really being done a disservice. There is no reason why instructors have to keep the fact that racism against minority groups and gender groups occurred, and still do. As Bigelow (2009) stated, “Just as we would not invite a stranger into our classrooms and then leave the room, teachers...
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