Orgb1105 Assign1

Topics: Gender, Employment, Sexism Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: October 17, 2010
1.What symptoms exist to suggest that something has gone wrong? According to the case study, the symptoms are:
Weak communication between Syd Gilman and Rochelle Beauport. The Stereotyping of Rochelle Beauport about marketing research coordinator position, gender discrimination, and organizational culture. Beauport lost her passion about the job at HY Dairies.

2.What are the root causes that led to these symptoms?
The root cause is weak communication leading to misunderstanding. Boss Gilman’s intention is to offer a position that can enhance Beauport’s skills and experiences till she reaches the top of the management. Gilman thought this was the best way because he was worked as marketing research coordinator before he became Vice President of HY Dairies. However, he didn’t tell this to Beauport. So Beauport thought that she was been sidelined from her career because she is female and lost her passion about the job at HY Dairies.

3.What actions should the organization take to correct these problems? In this case study, Rochelle Beauport is a valuable employee for HY Dairies. To avoid losing her, Vice President should consider following actions: The most important action is to clear out the misunderstanding between Gilman and Beauport. The communication between boss and employees should be more clear and open. Gilman could encourage Beauport to give a feedback openly and freely about the promotion. Also, Gilman could explain his intention to Beauport why becoming a marketing research coordinator is good for her and how it can help her in her future career at HY Dairies.

Avoid any actions in organization that may cause impression of gender discrimination. As for the stereotyping of Beauport about gender discrimination, any organization should put both male and female employees at higher position equally.

Explain and teach employees about organization’s culture. Let all the employees know clearly about organization’s culture and their...
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