Orgasmic Disorder

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Orgasmic Disorder
September 16, 2011

Orgasmic Disorder is a disorder that keeps a man or woman to have the ability to reach orgasm during sex with their partner. I most situations when a man/woman masturbates or engages in oral sex can reach orgasm do to the concentration of clitoris/ head of the vagina/ penis. The reason why a women has a hard time reaching orgasm during penile stimulation is that there isn’t enough clitoris interaction at this time. Men’s orgasmic disorders are called ejaculation, retarded ejaculation, or ejaculation incompliance which can last a life time. Like the woman men with this disorder may reach orgasm due to the excitement level being higher. The female in a relationship with this disorder may actually find it at times good as the man will last longer. Many times the lack of skill, sexual abuse, or any kind of trauma could be the reason why this disorder is occurring. To be honest there can be reasons why a couple’s sex life is not what it could be. There is help whoever is suffering from the disorder there is treatment available such as sex therapy there the therapist can give samples of ways and suggestions. The therapists can also help with any behavioral issues that are causing situations worse. For women there are plenty of instruments that can help stimulate the clitoris and also engaging in self massage with foreplay.

I think that couples that have been married a lot longer tend to have more issues than those who are younger and have been married less as, it still new and the eagerness to please is more enhanced. I think that you have to keep your marriage fresh and new regardless of how long. If your sex life is boring spice it up get lubes, lotions, and toys. Another way to get things fired up before anything begins leave messages, flirt, and role play; see what a difference it makes. To feel desired and wanted is the best feeling.
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