Organs on the Black Market

Topics: Poverty, Organ transplant, Liver Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: October 14, 2011
English 101A
Melissa Long
25 September, 2011
Who Holds the Deed to YOUR Body?
The sale of organs on the black market is a huge problem in our society today. It is immoral and needs to be more heavily monitored by the government. I once knew a women with three small children to support unfortunately, her husband was shot and he died. She was left with the three small children and had no way to support them, and no one to help her. When she was presented with the opportunity to sell her organs; to make money and thus be able to better care for her children, she jumped at the chance to sell her organs. She was promised it was going to be a quick procedure, painless and she would have no recovery time. But it was not like that. She went and had the surgery and a few days afterwards she was not feeling well so she decided to go see a doctor. After a few tests the doctor told her she had massive internal bleeding. She ended up dying and leaving her children alone in the world. The people who offered to buy her organs were not a legitimate organization; it was “under the table”. The doctor was not fully licensed did not know what he was doing therefore she ended up dying and leaving her three children alone. She had been in such a desperate situation and taking such desperate measures and that decision ended up taking her life ( Satel 311).

These are desperate times and people will go to desperate measures in order to provide for their family. People are uneducated and they do not understand the consequences of their actions and many end up dying or seriously injured just like this young mother sadly, her three children were left on the mercy of the court system. she never realize that it would be possible to die from this procedure she was only thinking of the money at the time and how she would be able to provide for her family once again . Being that people are not educated in these matters and they are not aware of...
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