Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management
Chasity Gonzales
MGT 330
University of Phoenix
Mr. Ronald White
March 20, 2006
Organizing Functions of Management
Within our organization management is organized in such a way as to try and get the most of its individuals and for the company to prosper. The way a company is structured plays a large role it its success. One has to be very careful who they put in management and what their responsibilities are going to be. “Knowledge is fundamental to strategic success. Limited progress has been made, however, in measuring organizational knowledge. We employ research on resource-based theory and organizational epistemology to suggest a perceptual approach to measuring knowledge. We present a research protocol to identify a domain of organizational knowledge resources within industries. Using a sample of organizations from the hospital and textile industries, we interviewed CEOs to identify the feasible set of knowledge resources. We presented this set to managers at those organizations to measure their perceptions of the value-added of each knowledge resource for their organizations. The results demonstrate that the importance of knowledge resources varies by industry and organization, and calls to question efforts to generate an inventory of generic knowledge resources that is applicable across industries.” (King, 2003)

Within any organization knowledge is important when you chose your management team. You want to make sure that you have someone in place that knows your business, someone with experience that can handle the issues that come with management. Pelc discussed a way of tracking the evolution of knowledge in this age of emerging disciplines of technology management. “Knowledge consolidation is the result of colliding source disciplines and the simultaneous influence of changing paradigms. Three paradigms have played major role in recent development of the emerging discipline: (1) engineering...
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