Organized Crime

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  • Published : December 8, 2010
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Organized crime can be a number of different types of things. According to Lyman & Potter, (2007), “The NCIS describes organized crime as having four salient attributes: An organized crime group contains at least three people; The criminal activity the group engages in is ongoing and indefinite in duration; The group is motivated by a desire for profit or power; and, The group commits serious criminal offenses”(p.15). The group we chose is the American Mafia families of New York City. This mafia family has been the top of organized crimes in New York City since 1930. There are five different families and they all have their own kind of power over the part of the city they live in.

Organized Crime Group Analysis
The America Mafia families of New York have one goal in mind and this goal is to make a profit off the weakness of other individuals in our society. The American Mafia family of New York has killed an estimated number of 400 people over a period of time. The American mafias ran several illegal operations that included charging high interest for loans and hard paybacks for not returning the money they borrowed. These mafia families describe themselves as more of businessmen instead of gangsters because they ran a lot illegal businesses. The families killed or do other criminal activities to make a profit to help support the mafia. Prohibition provided the families with the majority of their wealth in the past and in the current future. In the past Prohibition included manufacturing alcohol or other liquors. These families gathered raw materials for marketing and paid police for the freedom to avoid interference with their operations. In the past they sold alcohol, which they called rot- gut to make a profit. According to Messick (1972), “In those first years the Mafia in America was similar to the Mafia in Sicily; it preyed on nonmembers among its own countrymen. Immigrants unaccustomed to the laws, traditions, and language...
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