Organized Crime

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Controlling Organized Crime Paper

Nicole Jones

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April 4, 2011

Robert Smith
This paper will be identifying the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime. It will further be describing the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, including a critique or major federal laws and strategies that support the effort. This paper will further discuss and suggest a realistic solution to control organized crime by discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions.

There are many problems presented and there are various relationships that are established by organized crime. Organized crime is operating illegal business from legitimate businesses in the different communities. These businesses can include charities, bakeries, and bars. The Organized criminals recruit people, places and things. The relationships that are established by organized crime, is relationships that include criminal activities. Some of the relationships are so strong, that it takes a while before the illegal and criminal act is in the light (Lyman and Potter, 2007).

An organized Criminal organization does not have a lot of members of their tribe. The members are able to manipulate different legal business into allowing them to operate illegal business out of their establishment. They would tell the business owner that they would harm his or her family if she or he does not cooperate. They would keep all of the money for themselves. The legal business owner would not even receive a third of the assets.

Organized crime introduces the leading modern challenge to state and federal law officials. There are factors that would regularly make successful prosecution difficult. These factors include the technical skills of the criminal syndicates and effective organization. There would also be top racketeers’ lagging from the daily functions of the illegal businesses. In order...
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