Organizatonal Theory Literature Review

Topics: Organization, American Psychological Association, Organizational studies Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 14, 2010
    This project consists of 4 components:
A. Organizational Theory literature review.
B. Discussion of applicable theories and concepts (synthesis of literature reviewed) as they relate to issues and challenges organizations face today. C. Organizational Analysis using the Baldridge P1/P2 criteria (focus on diagnosis). D. Recommendations for interventions (should be based on your organizational analysis and literature review).  

A. Organizational Theory Literature Review(60 points)
Students are expected to review current and relevant OT literature and provide an annotated summary of each. Use the following web site as a guide: Each summary must be thorough, concise, and the main point(s) must be clear. A minimum of 10 sources must be selected and referenced. APA style is required. Use the following web site as a guide: Be sure you are using the 5th edition of APA. APA Formatting

Columbia College
American Psychological Association`jei/apa5.pdf
B. Literature Synthesis (100 points)
Students will discuss applicable concepts, dynamics, and models from not only their literature review, but from course materials and the text. The author must identify and discuss current issues and/or challenges organizations face today. Show how OT concepts relate to and/or support these issues and challenges.  

C. Organizational Analysis (50 points)
Connect to the Baldridge Criteria web site: Use the...
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