Organizations Encourage Workforce to Share, Collaborate and Build Collective Intelligence

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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If organizations want to become more innovative and productive by encouraging and rewarding their workforce to share, collaborate and build collective intelligence they must do more than grant permission for people to build relationships and share their experience inside and outside the organization. They must take incentives for this new way of working into their policies, management systems and training programs. As I’ve discussed elsewhere (“Social Business 101″), becoming a social business is much more about changing culture than it is about technology or tools. And changing human behavior or organizational habits is among the tallest of orders. Right now, many businesses don’t have the kind of social (business) contract with workers they need, and may even be discouraging sharing. Some companies forbid or restrict external social sharing, largely because they don’t have the systems, controls or guidelines to make these efforts constructive rather than the productivity drain they may perceive them to be. And most aren’t set up to measure and reward how well individual workers or teams share internally, cooperate or contribute to organizational intelligence and expertise development. Contract law

General rules about contracts
Warranties implied in building contracts
Breach of contract by the builder scenario
Breaches by the subcontractor
Liability of the builder
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Having a contract with the people you engage to build your house or do other work around your home is extremely important. Some general rules about contracts and what to do if there is a breach. General rules about contracts

There are some general rules about contracts which are legally understood and apply to any type of contract. The important thing about any contract, whether it is to buy a section or engage a designer or tradesperson, is to enter into a proper agreement that covers all the possible aspects of the arrangement and that you get it...
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