Organizations and Organizational Theory

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Week 1 – Organizations and Organizational Theory
Organizations are:
1) Social entities that are 2) goal-directed, 3) designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity systems, and 4) linked to the external environment.

Organizations exist to:
1. Bring together resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes 2. Produce goods and services efficiently
3. Facilitate innovation
4. Use modern manufacturing and information technologies
5. Adapt to and influence a changing environment
6. Create value for owners, customers, and employees
7. Accommodate ongoing challenges of diversity, ethics, and the motivation and coordination of employees.

Mintzberg’s Five Basic Parts of an Organization
1. Technical core – includes people who do the basic work of the organization, performs production subsystem function and actually produces product and service outputs of the organization. Eg. Pilots, teachers and classes 2. Top management – Provides direction strategy, goals, and policies for entire organization or major divisions. 3. Middle management – implementation and coordination at the department level. Mediates between top management and technical core, such as implementing rules and passing info up and down hierarchy. 4. Technical support – Helps organization adapt to environment. Responsible for creating innovations in the technical core. Eg. Engineers and researchers. 5. Administrative support – responsible for smooth operation and upkeep of the organizationl including physical and human elements. Eg. Human resources, maintenance.

Structural dimensions – provide labels to describe the internal characteristics of an organization. Create a basis for measuring and comparing organizations.

Contextual dimensions – characterize the whole organization, including size, technology, environment, and goals.

Week 2 – Strategy, Organizational Design, and Effectiveness The primary responsibility of top...
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