Organizational Values Essay

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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Organizational Values Essay

In nursing, engagement suggests that the nurse is physically, mentally, and emotionally "engaged" in their work. The nurse will have a sense of ownership, loyalty, and dedication to create a safe environment for patients and an effective and efficient working environment. Engagement is a key, critical part of patient safety and quality of care. In an article called, “The Culture of Nursing Engagement” written by Dr. Fasoli, he says that work engagement is important to organizational efforts to retain nurses and mitigate future nursing shortages. Detractors for a nurse to maintain this fixed focus on positive patient outcomes relates directly to disengagement with their leadership and having a solid understanding of the principles that guide their facility. Clinical leadership is instrumental in helping nurses maintain engagement with their patients by informing staff on changes to guidelines and protocols and keeping them up-to-date or changes that affect the flow of the unit. They also ensure nurses are given allotted time to catch up on proficiency requirements and tasks that can impact their job performance. When clinical leaders are effective in performing this function, they allow the nurses to focus their much-needed time and energy on their patients. This in turn helps facilitate satisfaction in the work place, which directly contributes to positive patient outcomes. Advancing nurse satisfaction and patient outcomes requires effective communications. In nearly every care setting, effective communication is necessary. Clinicians need to regularly communicate in a professional and practical way that is respectful and attuned to individual differences. They also must ensure that the right information is exchanged to the next caregiver or health care provider so that the safety and quality of care is not compromised. As a nurse with less than one year of experience, establishing satisfaction within my facility is critical. It...
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