Organizational Structures

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  • Published : October 5, 2014
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Organizational Structures
MGT 230
July 11, 2012
Kevin Curtis

Organizational Structures
Protronix Controls is a small organization that runs with the efficiency of a medium-sized company. I chose this company because my sister, Brenda Thompson is the Vice President of Protronix Controls. We discussed her company as a whole to determine its organizational structure and the span of control. We will discuss the current organizational structure and compare it to two other structures. We will evaluate how efficient Protronix Controls is running their Finance, Human Resources, and business of operations based upon the current organizational structure. We will explain how the current organizational design has helped the company’s order of business to run functionally. We will look at what Protronix Controls’ customer base, products, and services are. Protronix Controls is a small distributing company that purchases manufactured sensors, control devices, and systems software devices at a low cost then resells the products to their clients with maintenance services. The organization is considered a marketing firm who is a middle man for selling machine control devices and robotic sensors for safety. The sales team’s main function is to locate customers and organizations that need industrial specialized companies and products. Protronix handles marketing and sales of sensor products for the manufacturing companies and purchasing for their customers’ products (, 2012). Protronix Controls’ employees really show dedication and hard work in running a small company with a capacity of eight employees. The vertical and matrix structure works for this organization because it frees up time for the CEO, Kelly to focus on the core functions of the organization which are the financial and strategic planning of operations. It allows Kelly to delegate tasks down to Brenda that she has more time to achieve. Brenda is able to manage...
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