Organizational Structure Paper

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Organizational Structure Paper
MGT 230

Organizational Structure Paper
The selected organization for the topic is AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a construction company that focuses on remodeling of residential homes along with weatherization on commercial and residential buildings. Description of organizational structure of AAA remodeling will be given. Two other organizational structures will be selected for the use of contrast and comparison. The organizational functions of the various structures will be identified to determine influence on the organizational structure. Explanation of organization design aids in the effort in choosing which structure will work best for AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a construction company who provides full-service home remodeling services. It is a small business with about ten employees (Martin, 2011). It is a locally owned and operated family business with over 15 years of experience. They offer quality construction and home improvement services and products at affordable prices, and are dedicated to making remodeling project an exciting one by working with you from start to finish There is the CEO/Owner, office staff, laborers, and HVAC team (Martin, 2011). The organizational structure is the administration, human resources, and production department (Martin, 2011). The administration includes the owner and a bookkeeper whom is responsible for payroll and financial. The human resource department is in charge of employees training and hiring (Martin, 2011). The production department includes all laborers (Martin, 2011). The HVAC team is responsible for heating and cooling jobs. The business is small but very functional. Two other businesses are selected to show comparison and contrast. The first business selected is Anderson Mobile Homes. Anderson Mobile Homes is a manufactured home dealer (Martin, 2011). The company exists of about 30 employees (Martin, 2011). The business is comparable to...
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