Organizational Structure of Success

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Organizational Structure of Success
Dexter Boone
Everest University

I think we need management to run business effectively. Management set goals and make sure they are met. Management makes sure that costs are kept down, either by inventory, purchasing decisions, and theft control. Managers also motivate their employees and train them so that they can become an asset to the company they work for. Managers need to know the goals of the organization they work for. Managers plan on how to achieve those goals. Managers need a hiring plan, sale plan, and marketing plan. Managers have to organize their teams. Make sure teams have what they need to complete their jobs. Managers also have to know how many people are needed and place them where they are most effective. Managers have to be able to motivate their team and make sure the organization goals are met. Managers make sure task are met on time and make sure company policies are followed. Most employees respond positively to managers that lead by example. Managers worry about costs instead of performance. Managers should check on the progress of the organizations goals and inform the team of their progress. I think organizational structure should be flat. This would allow employees some empowerment. I believe this structure would give employees the drive to learn more about the organization and give them the sense of loyalty to the organization. This structure would give employees the opportunity to excel. This in turn will promote success to the business. Communication would be quicker so that would mean decisions would be made quicker. Yes, the managers will have a heavier work load , but, only one boss would be reported to. All problems would be addressed. With the right manager this can be accomplished. I believe the organization should be product departmentalization. On the product line all activities would be under one manager. The manager delegates tasks to employees...
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