Organizational Structure of General Electric

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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* Kindly brief us about the organizational structure of General Electric? * Sectors in Pakistan
* Growth businesses
* Cash generators

* What are the key values of G.E culture?
* Culture of integrity
* Six Sigma management theory

* Kindly explain different departments working under Power Generation Sector

* To what extent you consider specialization while hiring employees

* To what extent formalization is followed in your organization

* Kindly enlighten us about the hierarchy of your organization

* To what extent lower level employees participate in decision making process

* Number of employees in Pakistan

* Does your HR personals specifically handle HR matters or matters of others departments as well?

* What is GE ombudsman program? How does reporting integrity concern work?

* Which methods G.E use to analyze and evaluate the job? * Interviews/ Questionnaire
* An Add of G.E Job advertisement
* Job specification – Qualification/experience
* Job description—Skills, tasks or outline of duty

* Briefly explain the recruitment policy followed by your organization. * Internal Recruitment
* Time for job posting
* External Recruitment
* Recruitment Agencies
* For contract based/ permanent employees
* Do you keep CVs of non-selected candidates for future purposes * References
* External candidates for higher rank jobs

* What type of test G.E conducts for hiring new employees? * Sample of test

* Realistically preview a job at G.E
* Attractive or not
* Satisfaction matches to job

* Number and types of interviews taken while hiring of employees * Stress interview
* Panel interview
* Structure/unstructured

* Orientation Period after selection/visit of whole organization

* How do you train your new employees
* On/off job training...
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