Organizational Structure

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  • Published : January 19, 2012
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Organizational Structure
The United States Army is a hierarchical structure when it comes to chain of command. To fight a war the U.S. Army deploys a variety of specialized systems and soldiers to the battlefield. To do this the US Army has adopted the divisional organizational structure. The Army is divisional but is structured as a functional structure; Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, battalion, company, platoon, and squad (Powers, 2012). An Army with a divisional structure therefore has a subset of different and specialized substructures satisfying the demands of different situations e.g. size of enemy forces, terrain, intelligence etc. The benefit of the organizational structure is that the US Army is able to focus its activities into self-reliant divisions that performs major tactical operations for the corps and can conduct sustained battles and engagements (, 2010). A divisional structure groups its divisions according to the specific demands of the battlefield. Unlike functional organizational structures where the different organizational functions of the company strive to achieve activities satisfying all customers, markets and products. The higher degree focuses is specialization within a specific division, so that each division is given the autonomy and resources, to swiftly react to changes in their specific area of operations. Each division has all the necessary resources and functions within it to sustain the demands put on the division (, 2010). The matrix organization is an attempt to combine the advantages of the pure functional structure and the product organizational structure (, 2011). This form is ideally suited for construction type companies that project oriented. Unlike the US Army’s divisional structure groups its divisions according to the specific demands of the battlefield. The matrix organization is teams working together through functional and project management with shared...
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