Organizational Structure

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Organization Structure
Tanya Brown
The organization structure that will be discussed in this paper is GC services a call center. The call center had differentiation within the different units. GC services only dealt with GMAC (auto loans). That were different agents working on different areas like the collectors had limited skip tracing ability to locate a person and the vehicle that is being searched for , but another agent only worked on skip tracing and had a more in-depth system. The company integrated each department in order for the agents to do their best in locating a customer. If help was, then an email or a phone call from the skip tracing unit would send the agent information that is useful in finding that particular person. The authority in GC services was a manager and many supervisors. Each unit had a different manager that handled one unit, called teams; the team I was positioned in was the “gunners”. The managers and supervisors were very open to the agents handling their own accounts, which can be 100 to 250 accounts per day. Every morning the manager would send out a greeting to all employees with words of encouragement. The supervisors would sometimes give you a paper file to add to your account, they would explain the circumstances and a new file was made for that customer and added in the system. The span of control offered the supervisors to have six people to a unit, which made this a lot better for everyone. My supervisor was highly trained in call center environment, with 20 years under her belt. When I was moved to her unit she went over the accounts that had to be worked, she was clear and knowledgeable about what was expected of me. Each week all the units competed in contest and who ever won would either get a paid day off or money at the end of the contest, the manager of that unit also received a gift for the most effective team. Everyone was accountable for their own unit or accounts, if you fail then the whole unit fail....
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