Organizational Socialization

Topics: Employment, Individual, Organization Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Socialization is the influence of the organization on the individual, as differentiated from the individual's influence upon the organization. It represents a sense-making process that helps new hires adapt, form work relationships and find their place in the organization. Regardless of the years of work experience that new employees have, knowing the technical and social aspects specific to the job and the company is essential to function in a new environment. It is recognized that individuals are not pawns, subject only to the organization's pressures. Organizations change because of individual influence; individuals change because of organizational influence. One of the most important aspects among employees in the workplace is that they have the sense that their work makes a positive contribution to the organization. Job Satisfaction is the scope of contentment workers has with their job. In other words, job satisfaction is the extent to which a person likes his or her job. The dynamics of job satisfaction and occupational success is personal contentment, self-confidence, sense of worth, and self development. The most obvious consequences of job satisfaction are a pleasurable emotional state that most often results in a positive work attitude. Another notable effect of job satisfaction is the worker becomes more resourceful, flexible, inventive, and committed. The benefit of job satisfaction upon the organization is motivation and commitment to a higher quality of performance. Another side-effect of job satisfaction appears to be elevated levels of productivity. Although research that supports the idea that productivity and job satisfaction is neither conclusive nor consistent; the logical implication of job satisfaction is that contented workers add value to an organization. In addition, workers desire a sense of fulfillment in the work they produce. In order to gain a better understanding of job satisfaction, the focus of this project is to define job...
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