Organizational Responsibility and Ethics Paper

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Organizational Responsibility and Ethics Paper
June 21, 2010
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Organizational Responsibility and Ethics Paper
According to the Census Bureau in the United States 41.2 million American or 14% don’t have any “health insurance” in comparison “to 14.2% or 40.1million” for the year 2000. Therefore, of the uninsured population they are 28.2% who are children’s and most of the populations are low income families and minorities. “In 1995, sixteen to nineteen percent of insured people were underinsured, meaning that they had decreased access to care an increased risk of out-of-pocket expenses.” (Stroupe, Kinney, & Kniesner, 2000) Moreover, “91.1million or approximately 1/3 of the population is uninsured or underinsured and the numbers “could be higher if not for the public program of Medicaid and State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).” (Shi, Oliver & Huang, 2000) In the past two years the numbers of uninsured American have increased because of the increase of unemployment and many families losing their health care providers. Therefore, with the shortage of health care labor and socio-demographics changes, that is occurring with the aging Americans. This has created a large impact on the organizational responsibilities, which includes the resources allocations of human and financial. In addition, it causes ethical dilemmas within the organizations, like fraud, patient dumping, and transferring of information. Moreover, the health care labor shortage reports in January 2002 warn the organizations of how critical the shortage of available workers was in many states. Background:

In the early twentieth century a well organized social movement started when Americans had a huge economic loss because of wages and increase medical care costs. Therefore, in 1915 there was a campaign reform done for a “universal health care coverage and protections against the loss of wages” because of an individual illness. For example: •“The costs of lost earnings

The costs of medical care
Ethnic groups and minorities
Elder generation, 55 - 65
Health care labor shortage
Ethical dilemmas”
Furthermore, these issues cost not only affected individuals but also an entire society as well. “For that reason, reformers have pushed for a national system of health insurance for over a century, only to be met with fierce opposition from physicians and other interest groups.” (Aftab H. & Patrick A. R.) Therefore, health insurance wasn’t in place “in the U.S.” until the end of World War II because companies and organizations could not attract new skill workforce. Political agenda:

“Concerns include nursing and other work force shortages, a growing number of uninsured or underinsured patients, inadequate government payments, and uncompensated care.” (Louann Kitchen, 2004) With the government in current alert because of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have set their main priority on hospitals security issues and how they respond to a terrorist attack. Therefore, insuring the public health care insurances is available and affordable for the public in an emergency situation is the government priority and political agenda. As the nurses continue to “play a huge role in the political process as they contact their elected officials in regard to issues” of their major concerns and how it will impact the public safety. (Louann Kitchen, 2004) New Health Care Legislative:

Furthermore, though the managed care was introduced by the legislator to Congress in the 1970s as part of their initiatives. In December 2003 a plethora of bills was introduce for a short period while congress was in session. In addition, in 2004 the legislative members introduce and amendment the just-enacted Medicare prescription drug bill, which primarily came from the democrats. (Mary K Wakefield, 2004) But with all of that they are new legislation in process to improve the health care system the country currently has. This...
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