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Organizational Report on Three Different Companies

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Organizational Report on Three Different Companies

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Table of contents
1. Introduction2
2. Comparative profile of the organizations2
3. Order management system3
3.1 Order promotion3
3.2 Order receiving3
3.3 Order delivery4
4. Transportation system in use5
5. Information Technology in use in Logistics process5
6. Conclusion6
7. Bibliography6

1. Introduction
The report is a comparative research paper on logistics operations practices of three organizations operating in Shanghai. In order to avoid similar practices in one industry, the report choose three companies which cover in different industries and have different operational modes. The first company is a food imported company which is specializing in beef. The second company is computer retailer which focuses on selling computers, related spare parts software and other digital products. The third company is a flower retailer, which provides both outlets and online services. The report mainly illustrates the different logistic operation on various aspects such as order management, transportation systems and information technology. At the end of the report, a conclusion will be given to find the main similarities and differences of these three different organizations 2. Comparative profile of the organizations

Fineline Foods Company is a food import Co. in Shanghai, which is founded in 2002. The company is specializing in importation of beef from Australian supplier and wholesale trade to retailers in Shanghai. Nowadays, the company is in his developing stage with total staff of more one hundred people. The main products of the company are usually the high value products. Therefore, the target customers of the company are those internationally rated hotels and western restaurants. Also, the company also wholesale the other imported products such as instant noodles, fruit, sausages etc. These products are often aimed to those large supermarkets which sell imported food. Wansheng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002,...

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