Organizational Profile: the Salvation Army

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Organizational Profile: The Salvation Army ETH/316

ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE: THE SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army’s ethical and moral responsibility to the community stems back in history from its framework to the organization. “William Booth embarked on his ministerial profession in 1852, desiring to win the disoriented multitudes of England to Christ. He walked


the streets of London to advocate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the needy” (2011) Booth discarded the conservative notion of their churches and its platforms, which the churches based their beliefs on; instead he took his idea to the people. His commitment led to the dispute with church leaders in London, who favored the consistent methods of the churches beliefs. As a result, he left the church and embarked on a quest throughout England, and conducted evangelistic meetings to gain followers. This essay will touch on a few key points, for example; influences of the organization’s social responsibility, identifying the organizations social initiative, and their potential ethical and moral effects on today’s society. When you think about the driving factors that influence The Salvation Army’s social responsibility, it brings to mind things such as; religious ideals, how their organization can support and help drive the local economy and local politics. Searching the World Wide Web, there is an interesting article by Tom Kovach. Kovach states, “The Salvation Army takes tremendous pride in serving clients because we stress the importance of our fiduciary role. Eighty two cents of each dollar contributed is spent for programs and services”. With eighty-two cents of each dollar going towards programs and services, they have this vital role in our communities. “It is hard to list everything that The Salvation Army does since it does everything from feeding starving children and families through recovery from natural disasters, and more....
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