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Community Profile
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ETH/316: Ethics and Social Responsibility
Community Profile
Social responsibility is the belief of people developing the responsibility toward the greater welfare of society. Each individual has his or her beliefs that determine what it means to be socially responsible. Each individual team member has selected a community in which he or she is familiar with for the use of defining social responsibility in each community. These communities include Champaign, Truth or Consequences, Mountain View Crossing, Lyons, and Lubbock. By reviewing the profiles of each community, the team can determine both their differences and similarities as well as selecting the community that has the most effective social responsibility. Differences and Similarities

Because every community is different, each has a distinct quality that defines its character. One difference between the communities presented by this team is through their financial incomes that range anywhere from average to high. Age also can be seen as a difference between these communities as these ages range between the mid-twenties to mid-forties. Champaign is a town in Illinois home to the University of Illinois. The university houses half of the countries Internet service. Lubbock is a town in Texas that serves as the home for innovation and renewable energy sources.

Although differences are apparent within communities, similarities are present as well. Truth or Consequences and Mountain View Crossing both show signs of respect. Even though there may have been no mention of respect within the individual reports, there is no question that respect is not present. Communities implement local festivities along with resident appreciation days. The purpose behind these gatherings is so residents can become familiar with the people in their community. Building a certain type of camaraderie is a result of this interaction. With this, residents can become familiar with the different faces in the community, which can aid in the prevention of crimes from individuals who reside within and those who do not. Evaluation of the Effects of Socially Responsible Efforts

In Bonnie’s community of Lyons, Illinois, she shares that Meals on Wheels is a significant community outreach to those less fortunate and in need of a life-sustaining meal. Lyons also conducts food drives and hosts charitable giving and volunteerism. Cody Martin describes that in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, an important social event that honors the community’s heritage is its annual Fiesta, which began in 1950 and hosts a parade consisting of local business and civic organizations displaying their goods and charitable causes. The community within the Mountain View Crossing apartment complex where Armando lives, hosts an annual summer cook out where families can interact, strengthen their neighborly relationships, and share in the morale and excitement that the summer months bring. Each tenant also has a responsibility to his or her neighbors by keeping the noise to a minimum, and to be respectful of the working and sleeping hours that each person has. The town of Champaign, Illinois, according to Cody Meyer, prides itself as a “green” community. Cody describes the streets present with recycling containers, charging ports for electric cars, solar powered lights and “smart” buildings. He further reports that the citizens are cognizant of doing their part by reducing the amount of power each uses, and tries to shop at the local farmers market as much as possible. As Mike reports, Lubbock, Texas is leading the way in the southern plains region of west Texas in renewable energy and strives to serve as a corridor to the nation’s alternative energy needs, primarily through research at the Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Lubbock is also home to several other educational institutions that strive to shape the nation’s future through education and health...
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