Organizational Policy - Computer Monitoring

Topics: Ethics, Internet, Normative ethics Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Cynthia Gallo
IFSM 304
James Jones
October 9, 2011
An organizational policy as defined by is a principled adopted by a company or an organization set in place to determine and influence decisions established by senior management (2011). According to Murugan Anandarajan’s book, The Internet and Workplace Transformation: Advances in Management Information Systems, it states “As guidelines, organizational policies may discipline computer use and Internet access, helping employees understand what behaviors are acceptable or not” (2006). Misuse of company resources have led to companies reevaluating the guidelines and policies currently in place. Developing a new organizational policy to address the issue of computer and internet usage and addressing the ethical dilemma of employee computer monitoring is essential for the well-being and productivity of the company. Organizational Policy

When accessing the company’s network (on-site or remotely), employees must limit personal computer and internet usage only during their allocated break and lunch times. During these times, internet and computer usage must be appropriate. In the case there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is in violation of this policy, the company holds the right to monitor computer activity. The company holds the right to terminate an employee based on information found after monitoring their workstation. If the offense does not deem a termination, computer training will be conducted for the employee to reestablish comprehension of proper use of company resources. How will this help the Company

The policy in place will help the company by assuring all employees are not misusing company resources and productivity is maintained. “Employees who access inappropriate sites pose serious legal liabilities for the organization” (Young, 2010), which means applying the policy can reduce these risks significantly....
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