Organizational Plan

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VIII. Organizational Plan
Form of Ownership
Saranghe Company Adopted a partnership type of business. It is treated as an artificial being created by operation of law with a legal personality separate and distinct from the partners thereof. It proceeds from the concept that persons may be allowed to pool their resources and funds to engage in the pursuit of a common business objective without necessarily organizing themselves into a corporation, upon which the law imposes a much higher form of regulation, limitation and standards. Philippine partnerships operate under the concept of unlimited liability and unless otherwise agreed upon by the partners, each one of them acts as manager and agent of the partnership and consequently, their acts bind the partnership. Identification of Partners or Principal Shareholders

Owner of Saranghe Company. named Rommel Romero, who also acts as the General Manager. Manufacturing Manager is John Fonz Fernandez that oversees production. Jewel Tanyag as the Marketing Manager that plans the advertising of the product. Sales Manager is Jhayson Carl Cancio who is responsible for the after sales operation. The HR Manager whom Emar Agustin holds is the one who hires and monitor employees. Every member is also considered as the principal shareholder that helps support and contributes to the company’s success.

Authority of Principals
Rommel Romero as the owner and General Manager, John Fonz Fernandez as Manufacturing Manager, Jewel Tanyag as the Marketing Manager, Jhayson Carl Cancio as the Sales Manager, and Emar Agustin as the HR Manager. Management Team Background

Rommel Romero
oCompany Designation: General Manager
John Fonz Fernandez
oCompany Designation: Manufacturing Manager
Jewel Tanyag
oCompany Designation: Marketing Manager
Jhayson Carl Cancio
oCompany Designation: Sales Manager
Emar Agustin
oCompany Designation: HR Manager
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