Organizational Plan

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Work Culture Preferences and Competencies
Work Culture Preferences and Competencies
Knowing the ideal work culture is very important for every professional that want to achieve organizational goals in any business department. Knowing what is ideal help identify organization strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to focus efforts in eliminate those variants that try to prevent to have a successful organization. For example, an ideal work culture involve that all functions within organization work along to achieve a grand goal. Any strategic and operational goal formulation needs to consider every function affinity and willingness to work together. “If the functional strategies are developed in coordination with the grand strategy, then the implementation of the functional strategies will in turn implement the grand strategy. Not only must functional strategies be consistent with the grand strategy, they must also be consistent with one another” (Novack, Dunn and Young, 1993, p. 31). Maintain commitment consistency among functional areas is the key to get results. Everyone has to work hard to define clearly jobs, goals, and strategies. The important is that everyone stay align to achieve success. Achieving success takes planning, organization, leadership, and control. All functions competencies come in play to create that strong core that every business function needs. One of the most popular strategic tools is to conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Conducting an SWOT analysis needs to take in considerations all the factors that will be affecting the business. Those factors could be the work culture, resources availability, or even financial status. The main point is that the SWOT analysis has to consider every issue that compromised the way of doing business and to that essential competencies incorporation has an important role in the tool. Coman and Ronen (2009) suggested competencies like the...
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