Organizational Leadership: Desert Communication Inc.

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Addressing Challenges
By: Shelly Bergman, Sharlakia Whitehurst, Steven Mussman, & Sherrine Taylor April 1, 2013
LDR/531: Organizational Leadership
Michael McQuinn

Many businesses lack the management and communication skills to keep production and profits up. In an organization superior planning is the key to keep a strong lasting companies running. Desert Communication Inc. Company, problems with products and profit declining are something many companies go through in today’s society. Creating goals and using strategic planning to achieve increase profitability and operational excellence is the first step to rebuilding a company. The purpose of this team is to extend a hand to help Desert Communication company become the leading company in their industry, increasing sales, and adding new customers will be one of the top priority in this plan. Helping leaders and employees establish long-term stable sales is the second important goal of this plan as a third party outside looking in. There are many situations a third party can see that a manager, employee, or owner may not notice. As a management representative we will be creating an action plan for Desert Communication Inc. that will help develop stronger training tactics and memo’s to inform employees of upcoming operational changes. Training

In order to be an effective leader with Dessert Communication it will require a combination of all three types of leadership styles; depending on what forces are involved between the followers, the leader, and the situation. Learning and the development professionals are often faced with the challenge of developing instruction for multiple audiences. Dessert Communication has established that this training has to be effective in order to increase the sales for the organization. Management has taken a lot of time to come up with a master plan that will convey to multiple audiences within the organization. According to The GMarie Group Developing effective instructions for multiple audiences (2008), there is a ten step process provided as a guideline tool for development of instruction for multiple audiences. Based on the results this will allow a faster and more efficient design and development, more effective instructions for each audience, and happier less “harried” subject matter experts. Following the steps will allow Dessert Communication to streamline their work efforts, more effectively manage each implementation, and develop instruction that is ultimately more effective for each audience. The 10 Steps to effective instructional design/development for multiple audiences are •Identify all audiences

Establish content
Determine content of consistency
Determine likely delivery methodologies
Create a base high level design
Get input to the HLD
Develop a detailed design for one audience
Get feedback on the detailed design
Develop a module for one audience
Get feedback on the first module.
Once the process has been completed Dessert Communication leader will need to return to the step where the development of a detailed design for one audience and develop material for subsequent audiences. Team Collaboration

Dessert Communication has established that in order to make this new implementation a success it will require group and team collaboration. The best approach to will be to develop a training program that divides the trainers in groups according to their expertise. This may mean establish group leaders for each section of the implementation. In order for any team to effectively collaborate with each other it requires communication. “The communication and collaboration call for conflict management and this is why training programs are needed” (“Addressing Challenges in Groups and Teams,” 2009.). In order for any team collaboration to be effective everyone must have a clear understanding of all strengths and weakness associated with each of their team members...
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