Organizational Issues

Topics: Ethics, Nutrition, Business ethics Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Organizational Issues
Pablo Rodriguez
January 1st, 2013
Dawn Overton

In our society today we interact with a variety of cultures each having their own ethical principles. These ethical principles help us as individuals to address organizational issues in a variety of ways. In this paper we will be discussing how ethical principles can be used to address organizational issues. I have viewed a short film in regards to this matter and will be focusing on why the issues in the film are important as well as the role that external social pressure have in influencing organizational ethics. We will also talk about why these issues might be relevant to organizational and personal decisions. There will also be a focus on the relationship between legal and ethical issues shown in the film.

The issues in the film Responsibility and Sports: Ailson, are important because the athlete Ailson has no sense of time management. He was not responsible enough to lose weight on time, and did not use the knowledge or help of others. Ailson did not manage his time right. If he would have managed his time better he would have made weight when he was scheduled to instead of having to try and cut weight last minute. Ailson’s weight loss was also an issue because it prevented him from going to the Olympics. Another issue with him not making weight is a possibility of losing his endorsement deals. Another important issue in the film is Ailson not using the knowledge and help of others to accomplish his goals and dreams. Ailson, had a nutritionist that could have easily helped him make weight. Instead of getting meal plans from the nutritionist he did his own thing, which was not very responsible on his part since he did not make weight. Ailson also had a coach which advised him about his worries with him making weight cut at the last minute.

Their were many external social pressures that surrounded Alison in his path to qualify for the Brazil Olympics’ team. The biggest...
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