Organizational Effectiveness

Topics: South Korea, Korean language, Koreans Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: January 29, 2013
SK Telecom is attempting to distance from the old five-tier hierarchy or the professional hierarchy. The indicators of the five-tier hierarchy are: (1) the power of the people in the higher positions like the managers, vice-presidents, and the Executives; another indicator (2) is that the lower positions should follow the people in the higher positions without questions, this just means that the people in the lower positions have no voice against the bosses. In other South Korean companies, you cannot even approach or make a conversation to people with higher positions aside from their boss

In your opinion, why is this particular value so strong in South Korea? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this value in societies?

In my opinion, I think the reason why the hierarchical value is so strong in SouthKorea is because of their tradition and customs. We all know that before thedivision of North and South Korea, Korea was once a unified country with anEmperor. With an Emperor ruling the country, he is regarded as the mostpowerful person in the country. His words and orders should be followed withoutany questions or dispute. No one can question the Emperor and his orders. Andso the Koreans carried this custom, that you cannot question the person who hasa higher power/authority than you.The advantages of this hierarchical value are: (1) the respect for the people inthe higher positions will always be present; (2) for the people in the higher positions, their decisions are always right and cannot be questioned; (3) for thepeople in the higher positions, they have power and authority over the staff. Thedisadvantages of this hierarchical value are: (1) the staff would be anxious togive his opinions or share his/her brilliant ideas; (2) there would be no progress inthe company because only the people in the higher positions are allowed toshare their ideas; (3) there would be no chance
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