Organizational Diversity in a Changing Global Environment

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  • Published : December 22, 2011
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In order to survive in a dynamically-evolving global environment, an organization has to possess two key qualities: flexibility and social responsibility. Flexible companies are able to fulfill one of the most important commitments of a successful business - responding in a timely and effective manner to capricious customers’ needs. In addition, an organization’s flexibility translates into the ability to navigate through the complexities of different state regulations and successfully manage the diversity of an ever-changing global environment. We can see some great examples of the innovation process directly from the business world. For instance, BMW sets up a benchmark of participative decision-making and the free flow of ideas in the organization. BMW’s famous Research and Innovation Center, where all employees from different departments gather together to develop new cars, is a state-of-art open floor research powerhouse designed to provoke effective brainstorming sessions, speed up communication and nurture new ideas.

Organizational diversity plays an important role in achieving flexibility. companies have already realized that international employees are no longer required only to comply with governmental diversity requirements. Companies with a diverse multinational staff achieve a competitive edge by taking advantage of their employees’ language skills, distinct perspectives, and unique sets of skills. For the very same reasons, diversity stimulates innovation and highlights a company’s social responsibility and image.

Advances in technology, better consumer education, and increasing competition between companies continue to force global organizations to become more socially responsible. Today’s generation of consumers demands only the products of the highest quality. At the same time, our society is becoming more conscious of organizations that engage in unethical behavior in order to raise their profits. The public quickly stirs away from the...
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