Organizational Development

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Organizational Development Bus 370
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Within the challenges of human resource management there are some important issues that must be addressed in order to help a company to achieve a competitive advantage. Having successful human resource management will not only provide the company with the fulfillment of being able to recruit and maintain great employees it will also assist the company in maintaining a positive moral in terms of benefiting the employee and the organization.

Working in the human resource management field is a goal of mine that we will discuss today that will assist with the organizational development. One of the positions within human resources is recruiting. When recruiting candidates the method that the human resource management chooses to use is crucial because this will determine the type of employee they would add to the organization. Two great methods of recruiting are internal and external. For instance, recruiting internal by posting in the career resource center so that any employees that are looking to make a change in their career they will see the posting and are able to apply if they are qualified for the position.

By offering the position to an employee already with the company would benefit the company or organization. One advantage for recruiting from within is that is will help with any layoffs that are taking place so that an employee could stay employed with the current company that they are working for. This also shows that the employee has contributed to the company’s growth and success and a promotion will reward them for their past performances and encourage them to keep up the good work. Any other employees can consider this a plus and encourage them to work just as hard so that they too can possibly get promoted.

Another method of recruiting is external. Such as, internet recruiting this is another form of externally recruiting employees. This form is used by...
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