Organizational Development

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Organizational Development
All organizations must undergo a process of organizational development. To thrive and be successful many factors are needed to make organizational development work. While reading this essay, the reader will learn about the process of organizational development, conditions for a successful organizational development change and development, and identify theories associated with organizational development. Process of Organizational Development

“ Set of behavioral science-based theories, values, strategies, and technologies aimed at planned change of the organizational work setting for the purpose of enhancing individual development and alteration of organizational members’ on the job behaviors” (Mark, A. W. 2003) this is a complex process for organizational development. During this process changes will be made daily. To become a more successful organization, organization development helps to improve and evolve the organization. The process has different steps. The first step is to identify the problem, collect data, diagnosis, structural analysis, process analysis, function analysis, domain analysis, planning and implementation, then evaluation and feedback (Pevec, A 2006). Theories associated with Organizational Development

Organizational development has several theories associated with it. The three step theory by Lewin is simple but valuable. The steps are known as unfreezing, transformation, and refreezing (Weslee, 1986). The first step the organization finds out there needs to be a change. The transformation stage is when the changes develop, and in the final stage are put into development and implemented into the organizational routine. He also had another theory is the action research model; he suggested the organization development helps with the use of identifying the problems, hypothesis development and testing, and data analysis (Weslee, 1986). There are a lot of different theories associated with...
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