Organizational Culture Inventory

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  • Published : July 18, 2010
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Organizational Culture Inventory
The organization I chose to study is T-Mobile USA. I have been working for T-Mobile for almost 5 years now. T-Mobile USA is a telecommunications provider. It’s a subsidiary of Deutshe Telekom in Germany. T-Mobile sells cell phones and provides mobile network service for its customers. I am a technical support representative in one of the many call centers. I have been there through many organizational changes. As shown in the OCI Circumplex, the primary style of T-Mobile is conventional. The Conventional culture is a passive/defensive style that deals with the security needs of the employees in the organization. According to the OCI style description, “Conventional culture is descriptive of organizations that are conservative, traditional, and bureaucratically controlled. Members expect to conform, follow the rules, and make a good impression.” The secondary style of T-Mobile is the perfectionist culture. According to the OCI style description, “the perfectionist culture characterizes organizations in which perfectionism, persistence, and hard work are valued. Members feel they must avoid mistakes, keep on top of everything, and work long hours to attain narrowly defined objectives.” -------------------------------------------------

The behaviors associated with the primary style are employees following policy to the letter. As an employee, “I am T-Mobile” and I live the values of the company. It has a system of supervision and subordination and they have training for new policies and procedures. The weakest style is the self-actualization style. The company doesn’t allow for individual creativity. The main function of employees is to follow company policies. Goals are not discussed after created and there is not much encouragement to complete personal goals. Quality is a part of the process to make the company a top performer. Top of Form Quantity is a major part of the process overriding quality. How many customers they...
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