Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment: Heartbeat of a Firm

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Does a strong organizational culture and organizational commitment increase the overall of a firm? Illustrate a real life example to support your arguments.

For choosing this topic for the essay ,It is because organizational culture is the heartbeat of a firm. It determined the way the firm run and the self-value of the founder and the main value of the company ,After reading this essay people can easily under stand the two main element: management practice and innovation and risk taking. And also knowing how the way this two values bring good influence of high performance .The main objectives in the essay is to show people what is the connection between organizational culture,strong organizational culture and commitment of the organization and how they are closely related to the overall performance of a firm. During the essay , theory is there to support the ideas .And to connect the two task we first need to know about organizational culture and the role of it in a company, then we need to understand how does strong culture bring influence to a organizational commitment and how are these three task increase the overall performance of the firm. To present the issues about the organizational culture,strong organizational culture and organizational commitment there is a real -life example explaining that those three factors that could bring good influence to IKEA, a well known global furniture company from Sweden and explain the theory base on the company dynamic. First this essay will examine some background information about the firm, to help readers to understand more detail about how those three factors influence the corporate.

Background information of IKEA
IKEA was found in 1943 as a mail order company in a small village in the southern part of the Sweden a place called Smaland. . The founder of IKEA is called Ingvar Kampala,and he stared to deliver with a van to the train station, .IKEA has started to use catalogue for selling and provided a place that customer can be use and touch in the 1950s.The company's three main traits were function, quality , and low price. IKEA started to but their goods from the eastern part of the Europe because of the supply problem. In the 1960s, IKEA opened a storehouse in Stockholm for customers to serve them self , IKEA had turned a difficult problems as a special selling way . By now IKEA has develop over 150 shops around the worldKling&Goteman,2003) .

Organizational Culture
To analyses how strong corporate culture bring the influence to improve the overall performance,Firstly,identifying corporate culture is the first step to start with. Although organizational culture was definite in variety of ways and aspect,many people think that organizational culture is a group of values, beliefs ,ways of working ,principle ,behavior and attitude that share by all of the member and the image of the company. In the other hand,corporate culture should be considered as the correct way that the things to be done and solution of solving the problems in the firm. The culture of the organization also help the managers to make decision by providing better ways to think, feel and take reaction because the culture of the firm is concluded by experience of the elders of the firm. For new employees,culture is the correct way that to react ,so ,culture can continues corporate survival and development.(sun,2008) The function of the organization culture is another key point , first to build up the feelings to people that they are belonging to the firm and personal commitment along the firm, Secondly, creating a competitive edge to enable the members (especially to new members) in the organization to well understand acceptable behavior and social system stability (Sun,2008).Therefore, a excellent company need to have a strong corporate culture which can attract , keeping and prized employees to behave good , achieving goals and performance as a role model for...
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