Organizational Culture and Environment

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SWOT Analysis

oUfone has network coverage in over 750 cities
oUfone provides international roaming facility across 79 countries. oIt offers multimedia messaging (mms)
oU tune (which was launched on 4th December 2007) which attracted more customers. oIt is affordable by the common man (not only the elite class). oUfone was the first cellular Company in Pakistan that introduced the service of GPRS and hence took the competitive advantage. oUfone has some exciting and energetic SMS packages that made SMS almost free. They are offering Rs. 25, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs. 150 SMS packages which its subscribers are in love with. oUfone has some very exciting and low call packages like “5 ka 15” , “u-one”, ucircle”, “ Ufone ghanta”, “Ufone has some very exciting and low call packages like “5 ka 15” , “u-one”, u circle”, “ Ufone ghanta”, “Ufone life package” and “ prepay Public Demand” etc which attracted lots of customers towards it and many other cellular company users are also switching to it. oUfone post paid is also offering black berry set that is useful and tempting for the business class. oIt has the post paid service that is normally to attract the Business class people. Most of the business and elite class people use post paid and other services offered by the Ufone. •Weakness:

oUfone has the problem of voice quality. Though its coverage area is vast and it covers more than 750 towns and cities in Pakistan but the voice quality is not as good as it should be. o Ufone though has some unique and distinct services but it has not yet given many innovative services as compared to other cellular companies. o Ufone was the first to introduce the SMS packages but their packages are not flexible enough and its charges are only on monthly bases while it should be on both monthly and daily basis. oCall rates from Ufone to Ufone is very cheap but to other networks its rates are expensive. o Its coverage on Southern part of Pakistan is quite good but in northern areas its coverage is a bit poor. o In Ufone web support is not available.

Ufone could develop some new and innovative services to attract customers and they could be as followed: oIt should introduce International SMS packages like local SMS. Already Ufone is offering lowest International SMS rates but if they introduce some package like this it will get lots and lots of success. oThey should also introduce some International call packages to Middle Eastern countries because there are lots of Pakistanis who are living in those countries so people will definitely be tempted towards such package. oIn “ Ufone ghanta” package time of the package should be extend two more hours so that more & more people will use this service and causing Ufone to generate more revenues. oUfone should develop some new franchises in remote areas so that people will get more and more benefit from it and it will help to increase their customers. oAs in Pakistan Youth is almost the 50% of the population so Ufone can take advantage of this demographic situation and should introduce more and more services and packages that attracts youth towards it. oUfone should extend its network coverage area to Northern part of the country a as well because in that part not too many companies are giving services and if Ufone give its service there then it will definitely attract people and its number of customers will shoot like a rocket.

oIt should also introduce some packages for internet users on mobile if it do so then many people will switch from other networks towards it. oIf Ufone enhance its voice quality then definitely it would be prefer more by customers. oUfone should import technological equipments from China because they are giving the best technology at very low rates...
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