Organizational Culture

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Organizational Culture Essay
Organizational culture is a complex concept including many different meanings. In this essay, the definition of organizational culture is described as "a set of shared values and norms that controls organization members "interaction with each other, and with suppliers,customers and others outside the organization, given by Gareth Jones. According to Morgan's theory, metaphor is a method to explain a phenomenon or create meaning by using one element of experience to understand another. Organizational culture Using this method to analyze culture can be divided into three levels according to Schein's model of organizational culture, which are artefacts, espoused values and basic underlying assumptions and values so that it is more than material and visible. Using culture metaphor could create a way to even the most rational part of organization.

Organizational culture plays a key role in the design of organizational structure. According to Cartwright and Cooper's four main types of organizational culture i.e. power culture, role culture, task culture and person culture, in these different types, the structure tends to be influenced by organizational cultures and be changed as the development of organizational culture. To be more specific, in power culture, the organization is likely leaded by one person or a small group. Through managers making informal decisions, the rays of influence start from the central figures to the other employees. In the effect of working of this type organizational culture, the structure is often small and simple not concerning much about formal structure and working processes. When the external changes occur, the organization can reflect fast and efficiently with small and centralized power. In contrast, if the size of the organization is larger and the structure is more complex, most employees are provided with limited freedom and of long distance from central power. As a result, power culture may fail to...
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