Organizational Culture

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Sam Pat
Business Plan
Argosy University, Washington DC
TO: Dr. Mike Fox , 7897XB Course Facilitor
FROM: Sam Pat
Date: April 20, 2010
Subject: Business Plan for Enron Corporation
The purpose of the business plan is to discuss and identify organizational cultural problems which exist in Enron Corporation. The researcher will provide a solution by defining the ideal principles of organizational culture. Also, the researcher will provide an action plan that will transform Enron Corporation into a learning organization. Finally, the researcher will discuss the rationale for selecting and recommending the ideal principles of organizational culture.

Enron’s Problems

Managers and senior leadership ignored established policies and process for personal gain. Employees were encouraged by leadership to engage in unethical behavior and business practice. Enron’s employees violated local, federal, and states regulatory policies and laws. Enron’s leaders threat to fire employees who did not want to go along with the existing states of affairs. Employees were harassed and discriminated against. The company did not use the checks and balance system that was in place. Employees did not receive any diversity or career development training (Stein, 2007; Werther, 2003).

Management excluded employees from the decision-making process and once the new process or business practice was decided on employees did not receive the full scope of information necessary to carry out the assignment/task to completion. Lack of communication was a major issue within Enron’s because it caused trust issues among and between employees. Employees were not encouraged to communication openly in fact if an employee complained or said anything that was negative about the organization there was a great possibility the individual could or would be terminated. In addition, the organizational environment is hostile and stressful, as well as, employee morale and motivation is at an...
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