Organizational Communication: Processes Underlying Communication Success and Failure

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Organizational Communication: Processes underlying communication success and failure

Shufang Deng
Student No: 42491318
Tutor: Anna

Communicate with others is necessary and essential for everyone. Students need to communicate with their classmates or their teachers and employees need to communicate with their boss and clients. Communication is everywhere in people’s daily life. However, there are many factors can affect how the communication goes. Communication formed from transfer information from one person to another.(Orlova, 2010) In this passage, the writer will give two real-life example of both successful and failure organizational communication cases then illustrate the reason why non-verbal communication , face to face communication and self-awareness contribute to the efficient communication and how these factors works. Last but not the least; the writer will explain how different organizational cultural values, lack of active listening and Computer-Mediated Communication boost the failure communication case. Successful Communication Example:

This example is about a discussion group which formed with three people in my schoolwork, one Chinese, one Japanese and one Vietnamese. We were going to discuss a question about what cause to climate change. Since I do not know much things about the climate change. When Japanese was talking, I concentrated on what she said and have eye contact with her. If I looked like confusing, she would clarify what she just talked about and never mind to speak again. Both of Vietnamese girl and me had nodding our heads when we agree with her point of views. Sometimes we used some gestures and facial expression when we were discussing. What’s more, we had group meetings in school every day that we can finish our work together. At last, our tutor said we all done a great job. Factors that promote the organizational communication:

“Non-verbal communication is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages, language is not only source of communication, and there are other means also. Nonverbal communication can be communicated through gesture and touch, by body language or posture, by facial expressions and eye contact. “(Orlova, 2010).One of the reason of why Non-verbal communication promotes organizational communication is because it is trustworthy. As described in the example, when we were discussing, we had eye contact with others. Eyes don’t lie. If you have eye contact with someone who is talking, it proves that you are paying attention of what he or she said and also shows your respect to that person. What’s more, the speaker can also recognize others whether understand what he or she is talking about. When I looked confused in the conversation, the Japanese girl will elucidate what she had just talk about in detail so as to make me know clearly about it. After this, I knew more things about climate change which...
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