Organizational Communication Plan

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OS210 Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication Plan
CT Medical Group

Kimberly Pisani

OS210, 2012 Spring H1 Wanda J. Barreto April 18, 20 Table of Content

Table of Content1

Executive Summary3

Company’s Background4
Issue addressed4
Purpose of this paper5

Situational (SWOT) Analysis6

SMART Goals, Strategies, and Tactics8
SMART Goal #18
SMART Goal #29
SMART Goal #39

Control System12
SMART Goal #112
SMART Goal #213



Executive Summary

This Communication Plan was prepared for CT Medical Group, a group of doctors dedicated to “Putting Patients First” in the New Haven County area since 1966. The plan addresses the issue that CT Medical is facing a merger with Yale and will need to update its technology and merge its employees. The strategies proposed will integrate new technology, a new website and social media connections while also setting new goals with input from employees. Review the above two sentences at the end.

The goals of this communication plan are to make CT Medical Group’s practice more visible, technologically current, as well as environmentally friendly. Over the course of the next year the focus will be on retaining skilled staff, building on the “Putting Patient’s First” brand and obtaining research money from the merger with Yale. These strategies would help the patients have access to information via the enhanced website, lower administrative costs and have the office running more efficiently as well as meet required federal regulations regarding electronic medical records.

J.Pisani (personal communication March 12, 2012)


Company’s Background

Dr. Meyer and Dr. Etkind started operations as New Haven Medical Group in 1966. In 1975, Dr. Schwartz joined the group followed by Dr. Wormser in 1987. In 1998 New Haven Medical Group merged with CT Medical Group. CT Medical Group started out in a small office in Hamden with only five doctors prior to merging with New Haven Medical Group. It has grown to twelve offices for a total of 27 doctors and two physician assistants with over ninety employees. The CT Medical Group slogan is “Putting Patients First”.

CT Medical Group is dedicated to keeping its practice running smoothly. They have monthly meetings with its executive committee to discuss issues and expansion. It has a large billing department that handles the billing for all of the offices. There is on site laboratory and X-Ray services available as well as specialty services such as diabetes testing. In 2009, Dr. Vornovitsky joined the group and it continues to flourish while providing 231,000 patients with excellent health care.


Our mission is to enhance the physical well being of the patients we serve by continuing to provide the highest quality of medical care. We are committed to accomplishing this mission by recruiting and retaining the most qualified, dedicated and compassionate healthcare providers we can find.

Issue addressed

CT Medical Group’s increasing growth combined with the impending merger with Yale will require several changes. It will be necessary for the practice to transition the new procedures, as well as technology and software systems with inflicting the least amount of stress upon the already strained staff. The objective is to not only improve technology while training the doctors and staff, but to also improve customer service and maintain stability for the staff and the...
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