Organizational Commitment of Employees at Work Place

Topics: Employment, Sampling, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 5 (1461 words) Published: January 12, 2013
The “Organizational commitment among employees in Chennai Port Trust” is relatively was conducted so as to know the commitment of employees which exists in the Chennai Port Trust. This study is also used to identify the organizational commitment of employees. Organizational commitment means someone feels to be one part of the organization and commits towards the organization objectives. Organizational commitment that connects organizational practices and specific job characteristics to the emotions and cognitions of employees. The dependent variables of organizational commitment are relevance of job, job satisfaction, leadership, benefits, quality of co-workers, and job stability. Organizational commitment that the employees feel towards the organization is essential organizational tool and has a positive result in quality, the relationship to customers, communications, and decreases sick leave in the executives' viewpoint. In employees viewpoint, found that this affects the positive working process adjustment and creates innovation. The data was collected by circulating the constructive questionnaires to a sample of 110 employees (Respondents). In order to analyze the collected data, statistical tools like percentage analysis and chi-square were used. Key Words: organization objectives, quality of co-workers, job stability. INTRODUCTION

In today’s scenario no organization in competitive world can perform at peak levels unless each employee is committed to the organization’s objectives and works as an effective team member. It is no longer good enough to have employees who come to work faithfully every day and do their jobs independently. Employees now have to think like entrepreneurs while working in teams, and have to prove their worth. However, they also want to be part of a successful organization which provides a good income and the opportunity for development and secure employment. Hence forth the researcher has taken the area to study about the organizational commitment of lower and middle level employees in CHENNAI PORT TRUST, Chennai and to find out the different structures influencing the employee’s commitment. CHENNAI PORT TRUST is one of the major Ports in India. The prime objective of the study is to evaluate the employee commitment of CHENNAI PORT TRUST.

Study helps to improve the relationship among employees. To understand the employee’s job satisfaction.
To know the work life balance of employees.
Building employee commitment is an imperative business for success. To know the work responsibilities assigned by the organization.

The project throws light on the organizational commitment among employees so as to carry out the organizational good in a manner. To provide a valuable suggestions and recommendations to the port on the basis of analysis and interpretation. To make the study as reliable in nature.

To do the study in logical and systematic way.

To improve the job satisfaction and organizational commitment among employees. To improve the working results and turnover of Chennai port trust. To improve the work life balance of employees.

To improve the relationship among employees.
To increase the attractiveness of the organization to new workers. To decrease the stress level of the employees.

This study is based upon small population like 110 samples with in Chennai port trust. This study is limited to Chennai Port Trust only.
The research was concluded through questionnaire from employees. The data may or may not be reliable. Because Chennai Port Trust is one of the government organization. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
Research methodology is a way to systematic approach to any research problem. It may be understand as a science of studying problem. It consists of different research for the study. SL.NOKEY ISSUEOPTIONS...
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