Organizational Commitment and Communications Paper

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  • Published : July 11, 2011
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Organizational Commitment and Communications Paper
Jennifer Watson
COM/530 Communications for Accountants
Allen Sutton
July 4, 2011

Organizational Commitment and Communications Paper
The selected organization is Walt Disney Company. In this paper the subject to discuss is how different leadership styles affect group communication, analyze different sources of power and the affects on group and organizational communication, identify the motivational theories effective within the culture of the company and the role of communication as an element of these theories, and the commitment of the workforce to the organization and their relationship to the organization’s communication. Walt Disney himself set a high standard for the quality of leadership needed at Disney Company. The leaders of Disney must be able to motivate employees, use their leadership power in a positive manner, and encourage communication throughout the different cultures of organization. Leadership Styles

Various types of leadership styles exist among people. The multiple leadership styles of leaders who may vary the effectiveness of communication in a company with the diversity of the world. The leadership styles are charismatic, transformational, transactional, and authentic. Charismatic and transformational leadership have a common theme; they view leaders as individuals who inspire followers through their words, ideas, and behaviors (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Transactional leaders guide their followers toward established goals by clarifying role and task requirements (Robbins & Judge, 2001). According to Robbins and Judge (2011), “Authentic leaders know who they are, know what they believe in and value, and act on those values and beliefs openly and candidly. Their followers consider them ethical people. The primary quality produced by authentic leadership, therefore, is trust. Authentic leaders share information, encourage open communication, and stick to their ideals. The result:...
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