Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper

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Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper
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Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper

This paper discusses leadership style of the Google Company and how different styles would affect group communication. This paper analyzes the relationship between different sources of power found in Google within group and organizational communication. Motivation strategy in Google has elements of combined goal-setting and self-efficacy theories. This paper explains the role of communication as an element of these theories, and commitment of the workforce to the organization and their relationship to the organization’s communication.

Leadership style

The leadership style of Google demonstrates a strong sense of autonomy. This organization operates under the assumption that everyone is dispensable and the mission of the organization is bigger than the individuals who work there (Cathcart, 1999). In an interview with Steven Pearlstein, a financial writer for the Washington Post in May 2009, Eric Schmidt the CEO of the Google said “Google is unusual because it is organized from the bottom up.” Meaning it starts with the employees and works its way up to the leadership. Google has a very flat hierarchical structure and communication flow horizontally. Google encourages employees to express ideas, criticize other ideas and openly discuss any issue within the company. The company demonstrates clearly that its employees are important to the organization. Schmidt says it is “much easier to have an employee base in which everybody is doing exactly what they want every day.” The culture of Google is a relaxed environment, which is consciously created by the leadership who are dedicated to their employees being comfortable so they can be innovative, relaxed in their work environment, and motivated by their coworkers at the same time. Work within Google is organized into small group...
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