Organizational Commitment and Communication

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper
Many factors within an organization can affect group and organizational communication. Different leadership styles could affect group communication. Sources of power found in the organization could affect organizational communication. There are motivational theories that could be effective within the culture of the organization. The commitment of the workforce to the organization plays a major role in the organization’s communication. It is important to know how each of these factors affects group and organizational communication in order to ensure effective communication within the organization. The success of a leadership style relies on the circumstances that have been brought to the leader. Predicaments are usually managed better when using an autocratic style of leadership. Most of the employees at Southwest Airlines are short term and part-time workers. Short term and part-time workers usually perform their tasks better when leader use the autocratic leadership style. Under the autocratic leadership style the leader assigns tasks to workers and informs them of how it is to be done. “Studies have shown that productivity is highest under this leadership style while the manager is present, but once the manager is not present productivity slumps” (FMR, 2010). Leadership styles could affect the motivations of employees so managers should always be trained in the different leadership styles to that they can adapt to any change in circumstances they are dealing with. There are different sources of power found in every organization. These sources of power include: legitimate power, reward power, coercive power, expert power, and referent power. The job description that Southwest Airlines entitles their employees is what gives legitimate power to the leader. It is understood by both employees and managers that employees are to obey the tasks that their managers’ assign them. Reward power is offered...
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