Organizational Commitment

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Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper Week 3

A look at an organization’s communication and leadership styles can say a lot about the organization as a whole. Google has a relaxed atmosphere, where management allows workers to create their own schedules; and fosters creativity by allowing and encouraging their workers to explore side projects (Google Culture, 2011). What would happen if the leadership style were to change? This is one of the elements this paper will explore. A look will also be taken at: sources of power within the organization, the employee’s commitment to Google, how communication within Google relates to the worker, other motivational theories which would work at Google and how communication plays a part in the functioning of these theories. Different Leadership Styles

Google has recently embarked on “Project Oxygen,” a plan to make a better manager (Bryant, 2011). An examination of data sets, compiled from employee surveys, awards given, and managers who performed well, was conducted. This resulted in Google wanting employees to feel empowered, know their managers were available, and have a better overall feeling about the work they did (Bryant, 2011). Google has made the shift to transformational leadership by inviting their employees to be more active in roles they play and working to develop managers that encourage creativity (Robbins, 2011). Having leader member exchange theory in practice at Google would serve to undermine Project Oxygen. This theory states managers have their trusted employees, who tend to get special considerations over other employees (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Having this theory in play, would only serve to drive a wedge between employees and employee supervisor relationships and reduce communication. The studies conducted by Google show employees want respect and equal opportunity from management (Bryant, 2011). Another example of a leadership style that...
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