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  • Published : December 20, 2010
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ABC Health Care- Health Information Management (HIM) Department Organizational Chart

1. CIO(Chief Information Officer)
2. Medical Library Department
3. Information Technology (IT) Department
4. Health Information Management (HIM) Department
5. HIM Director
6. Data Gathering processing Unit Manger
7. Data Gathering Group & Analysis Unit Manger
8. Data Gathering Group
9. Health Data Processing Unit Manger
10. Data Group Organization
11. Data Classification & Coding Group
12. Health Statistics
13. Information Distribution Unit Manger
14. ROI (Release Of Information) Group
15. Research Coordination Group
16. Billing

An organization chart is a graphic representation of the organization’s formal structure. It shows the organization’s various activities and the specific members or categories of members assigned to carry them out (Johns, 2011). It is also represents lines of authority and responsibility. An organizational chart is either horizontal or vertical tree that represent staff. It also shows the formal structure of a company or business. The limitation can be numberous for example. It can become out dated very quickly if staff is changed regularly. The chart can also have limitation if the company has a high turn-over rate. Small company I think only benefit from an organizational chart. Large companies do have them, but it changes almost every day. For any company or organization strategic planning can be good thing. It helps to predict the future environment of the business, company, or organization. It gives you a better idea of how to plan for the future. The chart can also be used as a decision making on allocating it resources to pursue its strategy, including capital and people. References

Johns, M.L. (2011). Health information mangement technology an applied approach. Chicago, Illinois: American Health Information Management Association.
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