Organizational Change Plan 2

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Implementing Immunizations Part II
Jennifer Leigh Longworth
January 10, 2013
Charles Silveri RN, MSN

Implementing Immunizations
Implementing immunizations into the clinics can be challenging for the facility and the staff. There are several methods that have been implemented to monitor the methods used by the staff to give the immunizations to the patients in the clinics. There have been several obstacles and challenges that the staff and leaders have faced. As with any changes that take place in patient care within an organization methods must be set up to monitor those changes. Changes promote challenges not just to staff leaders but the organization as a whole. Communication with any changes can be challenging for the leadership and staff (Surdu, 2010).

Methods to Monitor Change
In implementing changes there needs to be methods to monitor those changes. The first method is to monitor the reimbursement value units per visit associated with the immunizations. The need to monitor the increase of visits, the percentage of increase of the reimbursement value units now that the immunizations that are given in in the clinic since they are ordered immunizations ordered directly by the physician and not given on protocol (Surdu, 2010).

Another method to monitor the change of implementation is to survey the patients to see how they have responded to immunizations being given directly in the clinic. This can be done in a survey form either via email or sent in the mail so patients can voice their opinion on the changes that have been implemented (Helfrich, Blevins, & Smith, 2011).

The leaders in the clinic can sit down with the staff to get their opinion and suggestions on how the changes of giving immunizations in the clinic are affecting their time management with patients. This can be very helpful to leaders in adjusting the change that have been implemented because no change should never be set in stone. The input of the staff can be crucial when monitoring changes that have been implemented to determine whether they are successful or not (Helfrich, Blevins, & Smith, 2011).

The final method used to monitor that immunizations are properly being implemented in the clinic setting are going to be chart audits by the leadership. This will be used to ensure that the proper immunizations are given to the patients and that patient care is not being compromised (Helfrich, Blevins, & Smith, 2011).

Of all of the monitoring methods mentioned above the main issue is patient care. The “Patient Medical Center Home Model” consists of modeling the care around the patient. Ensuring that patient care is at the forefront of the facility, monitoring the changes is one way to ensure that this takes place. The quality control standards of the “Patient Medical Center Home Model” consist of upper management performing quality control chart checks on a monthly basis. These chart audits are done to ensure that the standards are being met which are determined by the Department of the Army. This is one of the main differences that a military treatment facility is held to as a standard versus a civilian facility. Therefore this can be seen to some as has bureaucratic red tape in some instances, whereas in others it does have its advantages (Marshall, Doperak, & Milner, 2011).

Organizational Relationship
The relationship between organizations process systems and professional roles on a staff can be essential to the success of an implemented change. The Department of the Army has specific protocols when implementing changes such as implementing immunizations into the clinic setting. Organizational process systems will provide how changes will be implemented in the facility. In the facility changes come from Western region then trickle down from the Command or another words upper management. The changes are then implemented throughout the clinics in the facility. The responsibility falls on...
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