Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan Part III
Organizational change can be a challenging and difficult process for each person who is involved. Probability of meeting resistance is extremely high; however development of strong leadership base is vital for implementation of an organizational change to be successful. Inadequate staffing in skilled care facilities still remains one of the biggest issues that our nation is experiencing even until now ( Goodwin, 2002). Even when staffing numbers are to the minimum it is requirement of each nurse to use her skills and knowledge to deliver the best care to the patient’s that she is caring for. To eliminate this issue, implementation of nurse staffing plan is a must. Measurements of outcomes

Outlining and organizing change is not as easy task. Everything should be well planned and considered before management can move forward with the implementation phase of the change process. Facility managers will be required to monitor and evaluate employees throughout the change process to ensure successful change implementation. Top managers have access to security program that allows them to analyze the effectiveness of the implemented change. By monitoring and collecting competitive data will give more information to managers to assess effectiveness and productivity of the results. Involving direct staff in the change process was proven to be very beneficial. They were more accepting and motivated to work when they understood how staffing plan was going to work. Communication and sharing of information with employees was important factor for implementation of the process (Fries, Hawes, Morris, Phillips, Mor, & Park 1997). Developing open channels of communication across nursing units and at all levels of leadership and allowing the staff to voice their concerns and observation throughout the process of creating change was very helpful and successful. Constantly assessing staff’s behavior and progress...
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