Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan: CrysTel
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Organizational Change Plan: CrysTel


Change comes at a fast or slow rate it all depends on whom is watching and what they are looking for, one thing is for sure change will happen. It will happen because we make it happen or it happens because someone else forces us. Either way we have to be ready to make the change, we do this by studying and learning, the business, the business environment, the competitors, and the industry. Watching for the signs that change is in the wind and watching which way the change is blowing.

Change is described as
“… something that presses us out of our comfort zone. It is destiny-filtered, heart grown, faith built. Change is inequitable; not a respecter of persons. Change is for the better or for the worst, depending on where you view it. Change has an adjustment period, which varies on the individual. It is uncomfortable, for changing from one state to the next upsets our control over outcomes… Change is awkward… Change pushes you to do your personal best… Change seeks a better place at the end and is complete when you realize you are different… Change is charged when you are dissatisfied with where you are… Change uses the power invested in the unseen to reinvent what is seen… Change is here to stay.” (, 2007)

As we can see change is many things and different for each company and individual. We are going to look at a company, CrysTel a telecommunications company operating in the heart of the Midwest. This company has revenues of $200 million a year and employs 2500 individuals. Their product lines include data cables, wireless solutions, and network development. This is a highly volatile industry were changed is a frequent guest among those who do business in this field.

“The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of the information age—delivering voice, data, graphics, and video at ever increasing speeds and in an increasing number of ways.” (, 2007) which means CrysTel will frequently have to be on guard for those winds of change. Since the company is, dealing within a very volatile industry CrysTel is finding itself having to change its product lines quite frequently and has commissioned a consultant to evaluate the company's various departments to see if they are ready for change. Major Implications of Change

Currently five departments exist within CrysTel operations technology development, technology operations, human resources, marketing, sales and delivery will look at each of these departments to determine what and if change will affect how they will operate. (Building a Culture, 2007)

Technology development: this department develops the technology that is offered by CrysTel they use a participative form of leadership and encourage innovation in design it also uses a conflict resolution committee to resolve issues. (Building a Culture, 2007) Technology operations: this department maintains and manages the network portion of the company the use of teams is prevalent here and all team members share responsibility for getting the job done, although members with the proper expertise can make decisions as needed within their bailiwick. The use of formal conflict resolution is a part of this department culture. (Building a Culture, 2007) Human resources: this department ensures that the other departments are up to date on training and new information needed in order to remain competitive and innovative, along with developing potential future leaders and maximizing the workforce through performance management. In addition, the HR department also makes sure they remain in the know with the latest knowledge of HR practices. (Building a Culture, 2007)

Marketing: marketing insurers all the products CrysTel develops are communicated in the proper format for the customers CrysTel wishes to attract. They works with each department from start to finish to...
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